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Sunday, 21 May 2017


Oh google, how you flirt with me!
Two poems found in search of me!
My blog, my profile pic, my tweets,
my Linkedin profile! This is sweet!

But I’m signed in with google plus -
it seems I needn’t feel so smug -
some writing in the right hand box
says ‘from google contacts’. What’s
more 'only you' see this result.
Not quite as famous as I thought!

Thursday, 2 March 2017

‘wot u upto?'

Jo is hiding underneath a blanket
trying to appease a nasty migraine;
Lisa’s eating cheesy toast and Jenny
is undercover checking out insurance;

Liz is heading homewards after working;
Alison and Jan are still there slogging;
Graeme’s decorating in the hallway;
Judy sings out she’s just home from choir;

Diane’s just retrieved the photo work of
seven years from her external hard drive;
Sarah adds a photograph to prove that
she really has been spring cleaning the tortoise.
Alison proposes Sarah wins the
Facebook ‘wot u upto?’ thread.
It's carried.

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