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I like playing with words and poetry forms. I particularly love writing sonnets, although they are rarely love sonnets. I prefer to write contemporary social observation and about random things like upside down goldfish. I try to incorporate some humour. I hope you enjoy reading my work. Please feel free to leave a comment.
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Sunday, 7 April 2013


He waits…
stays in bed all day,
gets up for food,
plays Minecraft,

he waits…
meets up with friends,
goes to the cinema,
comes home feeling ill,

he waits…
spends time with his family,
plays pool with his brother,
shares Youtube faves,
watches TV.

He waits
the holiday out;
goes to work on Monday,
slips back into routine.
The days pass…

She doesn’t call.
He waits.


Sally said...

Very poignant. I like this very much.

Jude Parsons said...

poignant. thats what i felt when i wrote it. glad it came across. :-)

Steve Dewey said...

Yes, lovely feeling of emptiness and isolation even when doing other things.

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